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Let’s talk about adaptation

Let me just start this by saying that I am a fan of books and films. I read and watch a lot. I've got a degree in English and Film Studies and another in Novel Writing. I'm not here fighting... Continue Reading →


Revisiting Kill Bill

The other week I saw this video on twitter: Quentin Tarantino reading a draft of Kill Bill to Robert Rodriguez It got me thinking about Kill Bill. It's been years since I'd watched the films. I'd always enjoyed the first part... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten Films of 2016

Oh God, 2016 was shit wasn't it? What with all those deaths and then the rise of fascism. What better to forget the terrible reality of real life than with the glory of cinema. Luckily, 2016 had some damn fine... Continue Reading →

Look at those Bafta nominations…

I take a look at the 2017 BAFTA nominations and have a guess at who will win.

My picks for Halloween 2016 viewing

The best holiday of the year is rapidly approaching and you may want to huddle up in front of the TV and watch something that’s going to make you feel unsafe in your own home. After all, it is tradition.... Continue Reading →

Grub at Runaway Brewery

Grub has been quietly ploughing away as a food and drink event for some time now. I only became aware of it a few months ago when we decided to go to one of their events and now  it's a disappointment... Continue Reading →

Ready Player One and a Sunday out

A couple of weekends ago Emma and I headed out to check out an exhibition down in Salford. I don't really go out in Salford much, despite it being in easy walking distance, so it made a change to head... Continue Reading →

Hell Or High Water Review

Hell Or High Water trailer The writer of last years brilliant Sicario and the director of hard hitting prison drama Starred Up bring a dust covered Neo-Western in the form of Hell Or High Water. A divorced father Toby Howard (Chris... Continue Reading →

Tickled review

Tickled trailer There have been a lot of different sports on the TV recently during the Rio Olympics but one of them wasn't competitive tickling. Surprising really, it's a sport that surely has universal appeal. If you've never heard of competitive... Continue Reading →

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