I seem to have arrived at an age where friends are starting to get married. I’ve been to two weddings this year and I’ve got at least two to go to next year.

A couple of weekends ago we headed down to London for the wedding of a school friend.


Train travel essentials

London is an odd one for me. A lot of people see it as the dream place to move to but I’ve never been tempted. It’s always felt too unquantifiably big for me; It’s difficult to keep it all in mind. But I’ve got quite a few friends who live there and I have enjoyed myself every time I’ve visited.

We decided to use AirBnB for the first time. It’s always seemed like a slightly strange idea, just living in someone else’s home for a few days, but we gave it a go and had a good experience with it. I still never quite got over the fact that I was just staying at some random strangers’ home for the weekend but our host was friendly and accommodating and he had a lot of books on David Bowie which is always a plus. We stayed in a studio apartment mere minutes walk from the church for the wedding and it was also an even closer walk to the Northern Line so it was perfect for us.

We went up early on the Friday to have a bit of time to enjoy London by ourselves, have a little wander and check things out. Our place was pretty close to Camden so we walked down and wandered around the market.

Classic ‘Guy wandering around Camden market’ pose

I’ve never been to Camden or the market before so it was pretty cool to check it out. I was surprised by just how big it is. It really goes on for ages and there are so many stalls and shops to see. It did feel a bit like being on holiday, especially with all the slogan t shirt and patterned scarf shops around the place. We didn’t get anything but I did have a look in a little vinyl store. I found a couple of cool cheap vinyl and wanted to head back to pick them up but we didn’t end up having the time.

Classic ‘Guy casually browsing a vinyl shelf’ pose



We decided on Honest Burger for lunch. We had lunch there before last time we came to London and really enjoyed it so wanted to have it again while we could.  The burger was good,  I had the Honest Burger which is a beef patty with red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce, but it’s the chips that are the absolute star of Honest Burger. Dusted with Rosemary salt they are the best chips I have ever had. I could eat them for the rest of my life. Try them if you get the chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Honest burger and the best chips in the world

For dinner we met up with some of Emma’s friends and headed to Franco Manca which was just up the road. It’s a pizza restaurant that does traditional style pizza. The food was really good, the dough still had some nice sponginess to its texture and the toppings were all tasty.

The wedding was on the Saturday and luckily the weather was beautifully sunny all weekend. It was a lunchtime wedding so we had a large breakfast at a nearby brunch restaurant.

As it’s a wedding it’s always traditional to go in a suit, especially if you are going to the ceremony as well as the reception. I don’t get to wear a suit much so I do enjoy wearing one when I get the chance. A man always looks best in a well fitted suit.

The suit I chose for this wedding was a pale blue, slim fit suit from Topman with a light pink paisley style tie. It turned out to be extremely similar to what the groom was wearing but at least I hadn’t turned up in my white dress. My watch was a beautiful piece which is a hand winding watch with an exposed workings that I bought from a store when we went to Tokyo. It ticks very loudly but I love it and wear it on special occasions. I recently picked up two pairs of Tommy Hilfiger glasses from Specsavers, one with regular lenses and the other tinted. I wanted the Tortoiseshell style for smarter dress occasions and these are perfect. They also came in a great deal from Specsavers so they didn’t drain my entire paycheck.

Topman light blue suit with pink Paisley tie. Always important to keep a drink in your hand at a wedding
Exposed workings watch from Japan
Tommy Hilfiger tortoiseshell style glasses from Specsavers











The wedding was a delight. I got to see and spend time with a few of my old school friends who I hadn’t seen in a few years. It’s always a shock how far nine years can take you. The ceremony was lovely. It was followed by drinks and snacks outside the church in the sunlight which was a good time to catch up with those I knew, take some photos and also we got to see some magic performed to keep everyone entertained. Meanwhile the inside of the church was refitted with dining tables and chairs in preparation for the reception. The tables were tastefully decorated and the food was delicious and catered for all. The bride and groom had also organised a silhouette artist to come to the tables and cut your silhouette by hand from paper in front of you.in barely a minute she had created a perfect silhouette likeness of you. It was really quite incredible.


Incredible hand cut Silhouettes
Individual place settings

The whole day blew past in no time at all.

We headed back up to Manchester on the Sunday. Works meant that the Norther Line was shut down for the weekend at our stops so we had to take a cramped and hot bus replacement back to Euston station but it was a small inconvenience.

It was a hugely pleasurable weekend of good food and good times with friends. I look forward to the next wedding now.