Grub has been quietly ploughing away as a food and drink event for some time now. I only became aware of it a few months ago when we decided to go to one of their events and now  it’s a disappointment if we can’t make it. Formerly a twice monthly event held at the newly renovated Saddler’s Yard and the Runaway Brewery in the Green Quarter, Grub has recently had to drop its Saddler’s Yard events which is a real shame. Now once a month it takes place at the brewery and offers a range of drinks and various food stalls for you to enjoy on a weekend.

Last month we managed to go along. I like to try every vendor there just so I don’t miss out on anything. We normally try and go for around lunchtime but I was in work until 5:30 so we had to go for an early dinner. This was a bit annoying as a lot of the vendors had sold out of some of their dishes because they had been so busy.

We got a drink and tried the first vendor.

Mac Daddies menu

Mac Daddies as you might assume specialise in Mac and Cheese. I went for the ’77 and Emma tried the Mac and Cheese balls. The balls were pretty much as you would expect, a crispy coating around some mac and cheese. They were good but nothing real special. The ’77 was better. It was mac in a luxuriously gooey 4 cheese sauce with chipotle, onions and chorizo to give it a bit of texture. A good start.


A pint of cider and some Mac and Cheese




Next up was Oh Mei Dumplings. Dumplings are one of my food drugs. I love them. When we went to Tokyo last year you could get ten dumplings, rice and kimchee for about £4. It was amazing and I loved it. This was Oh Mei Dumplings’ first event and they had been very popular and by the time we got there they were only down to one type of dumpling left: the kale and tofu Jiaozi. A little disappointing but I was never going to pass up the opportunity to have some dumplings. The dumplings themselves were good and had a little citrus of lemon grass and though I would have liked the Pork dumplings, I didn’t feel hard done by with these.

Oh Mei Dumplings menu
Kale and Tofu dumplings











Finally, with already fairly full bellys, we hit the Hip Hop Chip Shop. I’ve had the Hip Hop Chip Shop before. I think they are fairly well known around Manchester and they were one of the six pop up restaurants that used to be located down at The Kitchens in Spinningfields. As you might guess they do chip shop style food but of a whole better quality than your home town corner chippie.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop menu

I’m not a fan of fish (shellfish is fine but not those scaly, off smelling bastards) so I went for the Feastie Boys Box but with the Vegan sausage instead of the fish and a side portion of Chilli Onion Rings. I was a bit disturbed to hear that they were running low on chips and might not be able to give me any but I was in luck and got one of the final portions. The chips are the best thing they do. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside they are how a chip should be. I’m a battered sausage fan, it’s usually what I’d go for when I go to a chip shop, but the vegan sausage was a disappointment. It had a good crispy batter coating but the actual sausage lacked texture due to the vegan substitute. The Onion rings were good. They were some of the largest I’ve ever had and they were crispy with just a hint of spice.


Grub is rapidly becoming a well known event and it is starting to get really busy every time we go, especially if the weather is good. It’s really worth your time going and they always have a good selection of drink and food available. Get to it now before it gets too busy and try and get there early so you get a good selection of food.

Chilli Onion Rings, Chips, Vegan Sausage and curry sauce from the Hip Hop Chip Shop