13876138_10154420171901079_2897034214714167157_nI’m Courtney Button, a writer who lives and works in Manchester. I’ve lived in Manchester for a few years now after I made the move from countryside to the big city. I started an undergraduate degree in English and Film Studies at university in Manchester and loved it so much that I never wanted to leave. Since then I’ve completed a Masters degree in Creative Writing and spent a long time getting to know and enjoying the city. This website is going to have a little bit of everything; films, TV, food, travelling, books, gaming. It’s a lifestyle blog that also contains reviews and thoughts about a lot of things. Hopefully, it will have something for everyone.

My other writing can be found in the Starburst magazine and on their website Starburst Magazine website and at Horror Cult Films

I am available for writing commissions, just feel free to email me.

You can find me at:

Twitter: CourtneyButton2

Instagram: courtneybutton2